Why All Asian Americans Must Work Together to Fulfill Our Dreams

The National Asian American Coalition is a unique organization. We have a Board of Directors more diverse than any in corporate America; it includes Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Korean Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, and Filipino Americans. In addition, Vietnamese American and Cambodian Americans are key members of our staff.

Our primary mission is to empower twenty million Asian Americans and two million Asian American small businesses to become a national economic powerhouse.

Today, the NAAC is the nation’s leading Asian American nonprofit advocating against foreclosures, advocating for greater economic and small business development and in advancing the growing economic and social power of Asian Americans.

Our Washington DC regulatory and congressional liaison office allows us to be a major economic and bipartisan educational force before Congress and regulators from the FCC, to the FTC, FDIC, Federal Reserve, HUD, DOJ, Treasury and the SEC. Our Milpitas Office is in the heart of America’s future, the Silicon Valley. And, our headquarters is in the most innovative 21st Century environment in America, the San Francisco Bay Area. We have four other offices in San Diego, San Joaquin Valley, Contra Costa/Solano counties, and a soon-to-be opened office in the Sacramento area.

Working closely with prominent Black, Latino and other Asian American organizations, it is our intention to be a resource for all corporate and governmental leaders that wish to ensure that they have a diverse 21st Century blueprint and footprint. National Asian American Coalition is a 501(c)3 Non-profi­t Organization, a HUD Approved Home Counseling agency and an IRS approved VITA site.