Legal Team

Our Legal Staff

Our Legal Staff

The National Asian American Coalition, in collaboration with other partner nonprofits, hosts a legal team that advocates on behalf of communities of color and low-income consumers. Our attorneys engage in litigation before several state and federal regulatory bodies (including the California Public Utilities Commission, California Department of Insurance, and Federal Communications Commission, among others) to promote economic development in minority communities and expanded consumer protections.

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The NAAC hosts legal externs on a rolling basis.  First and second year law students work in the organization’s Daly City office to develop a robust understanding of the NAAC’s statewide and national legal advocacy. Externs conduct legal and policy research; draft memoranda, motions, and briefs; shape legal advocacy strategy; and attend policy meetings and administrative law proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission and California Department of Insurance. Please contact Jessica Tam at for more on the application process.

“My Summer with the legal team was a fantastic way to develop a diverse set of legal skills while doing work that impacts millions of low-income and minority Californians. From my very first day I was entrusted with real responsibility and given opportunities to work on substantial legal research and writing projects. By the end of the summer, I had lobbied in Sacramento, cross-examined multiple witnesses in an administrative proceeding, written a brief used in litigation, and completed several challenging policy research projects. The work I did really helped me take my development to the next level.  All said, my experience this summer was incredibly rich and provided me with numerous opportunities to actually participate in, rather than support, the work of a public interest legal team. I would recommend it to anyone.” – Ian Brown, 2012 Berkeley Law Summer Associate