Asian leader charges latest Obama CA trip evidence that POTUS taking Asians “for granted” here


Link to Original Article from SF Gate.

Faith Bautista, who heads one of the nation’s leading Asian-American advocacy groups, charged Wednesday that President Obama’s trip to California this week suggests that he is taking “for granted” millions of Asian voters who have overwhelmingly supported him.

Bautista, president and CEO of the National Asian American Coalition, made the comments in a scathing letter to the San Francisco Chronicle today.

Her remarks come on the heels of a Chronicle story reporting concern from Democratic leaders about the President’s latest fundraising foray in California.

Obama — who starts his 20th official trip to California Thursday, and his 13th to Northern California — has used the nation’s most populous state as a staging ground almost solely for fundraising, while failing to appear at public events, some suggest.

The President will do two fundraisers on June 6 in Silicon Valley. The White House announced Friday that Obama in San Jose will deliver a statement on the Affordable Health Care Act, and its implementation in California.

Starting Friday afternoon, he will meet privately in Rancho Mirage with the Chinese president to discuss trade and technology issues.

But that apparently hasn’t quelled Bautista’s concerns about his visit to the state.

Here’s Bautista’s letter today to Chronicle Executive Editor Ward Bushee:

Dear Mr. Bushee:

The National Asian American Coalition represents six million California Asian Americans through our many offices in California, including two in the greater Silicon Valley (Milpitas and Daly City).

We agree with your article of June 3rd, “Fans Resent Lack of Public Events on Obama Visits.”

Asian Americans, unlike perhaps other minority communities, cannot be taken for granted. A strong pro-small business Republican gubernatorial candidate could easily draw 50% or more of the Asian American small business and professional vote and 40% or more percent of the overall Asian American vote in California.

The Republican leadership in California, for example, will be backing three strong Asian American leaders for Assembly and State Senate positions in 2014.

As Democratic strategist Garry South states, President Obama is missing an opportunity by taking the public for granted, including the 75% of Asian Americans in California who voted for him in 2012.

It is possible that the new Republican leadership will see this vacuum as an opportunity to rebuild a two-party system in California that will more effectively compete for the minority community vote President Obama appears to take for granted.

Most sincerely,

Faith Bautista
President & CEO
National Asian American Coalition
Washington, DC 20006

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