NAAC’s Ballot Recommendations to Protect Asian American Interests

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San Bruno, Calif. – The Asian American community is rarely consulted by those who use our democratic

initiative process to make changes in legislation that greatly affect the Asian American community. This year is no exception despite California’s Asian American population exceeding six million and rapidly growing.

California voters are confronted by eleven propositions.  The enclosed guide provides recommendations on whether to support or oppose initiatives from the Asian American’s perspective and the public interest.

Faith Bautista, the President and CEO of the National Asian American Coalition (NAAC) said, “Our organization and a growing number of Californians are dissatisfied by the corruption of good government principles by special interests that often seek to mislead the voters.  Our recommendations are intended to counter the role of big money and to ensure that the Asian American voice is finally heard.”

“Next year, we will join with good government groups across the state in seeking to develop an initiative reform that includes all Californians and excludes big money of any kind from influencing the direction of our great state.”

Summary of NAAC November 2012 Voter Guide

• Proposition 30: Governor Brown’s tax initiative to partially solve a fiscal crisis – Support

• Proposition 31: More power for the Governor – Oppose

• Proposition 32: Weaken labor unions and increase corporate power – Oppose

• Proposition 33: Increases auto insurance redlining and raise costs – Oppose

• Proposition 34: Repeal of ineffective death penalty – Support

• Proposition 35: Greater penalties for sex trafficking – Support

• Proposition 36: Ending life sentences for minor repeat crimes – Support

• Proposition 37: More transparency in food labeling – Support

• Proposition 38: Raising taxes to support quality public education – Support

• Proposition 39: Compelling corporations to pay their fair share of taxes – Support

• Proposition 40: Protecting competitive electoral districts – Support


The National Asian American Coalition (NAAC) is a nonpartisan 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose primary objectives include Asian American political and economic empowerment, small business and economic development, future homeownership opportunities and consumer protection.

The NAAC is a Pan Asian American organization whose board includes representatives from the Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino American communities and works with all Asian American sub-ethnic groups.

The NAAC is headquartered in San Bruno, California, has a major office in San Diego and is in the process of developing three satellite offices in other parts of the state. It also has a fulltime regulatory and congressional liaison office in Washington D.C.

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