Owning A Piece Of America

“Owning a Piece of America” television program aims to provide to a wide range of Californians three basic but essential components for what we believe will greatly contribute to the success of the community:

1) financial and consumer education, including small business development and housing issues;

2) lifestyle & health education; and

3) community and government relations.

The show’s episodes are aired 5x a week by CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS to approximately 3.5 million viewers in California. Hosted by Faith Bautista, the topics in two episodic segments showcase consumer education interviews and touching testimonies for the first half and the second half is a lifestyle genre that showcases active and healthy living, travel to Southeast Asian destinations, and business successes. This year alone, our consumer education guest line-up ranged from Wall Street icon John Thain, California Senators, financial planning & tax accounting experts to faith-based servant leaders. The lifestyle guests could not have been more exciting this year than high fashion couturier Alexis Monsanto, successful Asian cuisine restaurateurs Leelin family, and a series of sports & fitness to arts & culture “rock stars”.

Air Time Schedule:

Charter Communications, Inc., created a customer service-oriented company that has grown and evolved on many levels over the past two decades. Charter transitioned to an all-digital network and launched the Charter Spectrum brand leveraging the power of the network to offer leading products and services to its customers.

“Owning a Piece of America” is currently aired on CHARTER Communications’ Channel 188:

Monday and Friday: 6 PM – 7PM

Tuesday and Thursday: 4 pm – 4:30 PM

Sunday: 10:30 am – 11 am

For the specific channel in your area, please contact your local cable provider.