The National Asian American Coalition is a unique organization. We have a Board of Directors more diverse than any corporate America; it includes Blacks, Latinos, Korean Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Filipino Americans and four women of color. Our primary mission is to empower 18.5 million Asian Americans to become a national, as well as a state and local economic powerhouse.

Today, we are the nation’s leading Asian American nonprofit advocating against foreclosures, advocating for greater economic and small business development and to recognize the growing influence of Asian Americans.

Our DC office allows us to be a major economic and bipartisan political force before Congress and regulators from the FCC, to the FTC, FDIC, Federal Reserve, HUD, DOJ, Treasury and the SEC. Our Milpitas Office is in the heart of America’s future, the Silicon Valley. And, our headquarters is in the most innovative 21st Century environment in America, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Working closely with prominent Black, Latino and other Asian American organization, it is our intention to be a resource for all corporate and governmental leaders that wish to ensure that they have a diverse 21st Century blueprint and footprint. National Asian American Coalition is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization, a HUD Approved Housing Agency and an IRS approved VITA site.

Program Accomplishments

  • HOPE BOOTHS NAAC Hope Booth is a one stop Resource Center where one can learn how to attend mortgage counseling, homebuying assistance workshops, enroll in utility bill savings, gain energy upgrade awareness, register for micro and small business growth technical assistance, and an outreach center for broadband adoption efforts.
  • BROADBAND ADOPTION Outreach in our Hope Booths at Island Pacific Supermarket stores reach 5 million multilingual residents. The project expects to increase household adoption of broadband in these high priority, low income communities by more than 133,000 households.
  • DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE Down payment assistance promotes homeownership opportunities for low-to-moderate income families. Over 25 families have been assisted. The program provides up to $15,000.00 for each household to be used toward their home purchase. DPA decreases homebuyer’s cost and creates positive home equity.
  • HOMEBUYERS EDUCATION WORKSHOPS Educated hundreds of potential home buyers in our partnership with the Latino churches in the greater LA area. Pre & Post counseling of about 240 home buyers up to present throughout California.
  • LOAN MODIFICATION Clients that are struggling with their mortgage loans are able to speak to housing counselors about their hardship situation and come up with solutions to tap into available options to remain in the home or plan the best exit strategy. Recent modifications amount to 750 thus far.
  • CREDIT RESTORATION FINANCIAL LITERACY Our program includes learning the ability to effectively evaluate and manage one’s finances in order to make prudent decisions toward reaching life’s goals. In California, approximately 480 have been educated in the understanding of money, cash flow, basic financial concepts, debt/risk management.
  • SMALL BUSINESS/MICRO-LENDING Small business owners who have attended the Micro-Business Technical Assistance workshops are invited to explore the opportunity of borrowing money from the NAAC’s microlending fund. The NAAC was able to secure three lines of credit totaling $750,000 and have already made over 20 micro loans within 2015 to 2016. The businesses have provided a lot of feedback on the growth of their businesses and capacity due to the micro loans.
  • MICRO-BUSINESS TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE WORKSHOPS Unique training for existing business owners and entrepreneurs, designed to dramatically grow business in real-time. 10 days of workshops to date and a train-the-trainer class scheduled in 2016 to deploy more instructors for more satellite workshops due to high demand.
  • “OWNING A PIECE OF AMERICA” TV SHOW 13 episodes and counting – aims to provide *financial and consumer education; * lifestyle & health education; and *community and government relations. The show’s episodes are aired 5x a week by CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS to approximately 3.5 million viewers in California.

Advocacy Accomplishments

The National Asian American Coalition strives to help homeowners, small businesses, and the community. The NAAC has been a leader in helping homeowners fight foreclosures, secure principle and interest mortgage reductions, and gain greater corporate accountability. In the past year the NAAC has worked with a variety of regulators, lawmakers, and corporate leaders to push for continued reforms in these areas and to represent the interests of the growing Asian American and minority populations. The NAAC has continued to fight Governor Brown’s refusal to obey the court order that the NAAC won for the return of $331 million to homeowners in distress in California. Since the victory in the court last year, the NAAC has worked to bring attention to the delay in receiving these funds and pushed publicly to get this funding back to the homeowners who need it. The NAAC has developed a partnership with 20 Island Pacific Supermarkets to create cutting-edge consumer complaint centers that allow community members to have a direct line of communication to regulators. Thanks to strong relationships with leaders at regulatory agencies such as the FCC, FTC, SEC, CFPB, and many other agencies, the NAAC is in the unique position of providing constituents with an efficient way for their concerns to be heard.

A successful coalition trip to Washington D.C. included personal meetings with the Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, the Comptroller of the Currency Tom Curry, the Chair of the FDIC Marty Gruenberg, the leader of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice William Baer, the Chair of the FTC Edith Ramirez, and the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray. NAAC leaders also met with the majority of the FCC Commissioners and a number of leading legislators from both political parties. The focus was primarily on reducing income and wealth inequality and promoting higher consumer standards. The NAAC hosted a number of banking summits focusing on increasing homeownership, small business lending, financial literacy, and consumer rights. These were attended by a cross-section of banks from small to “too big to fail” institutions. At these summits the NAAC outlined specific ways in which the banks should be organizing their CRA work around underserved communities and maximizing their impact. At the California Public Utilities Commission the NAAC is questioning Edison’s multi-billion dollar proposed rate increase, which will affect the monthly costs of living for millions of low-income Californians. The NAAC just settled the PG&E multi-billion dollar proposed rate increase that will provide multi-million of dollars for marketing and customer services and education to underserved communities. The NAAC is opposing PG&E’s proposed electric vehicle “tax” to build charging stations with ratepayer funding that will disproportionately be paid by lower-income ratepayers who do not own electric cars.