A National Voice for Four Million Filipino Americans

A National Voice for Four Million Filipino Americans: “Asian News in America,” Hosted by National Asian American Coalition

San Bruno, CA — Beginning August 10th, the National Asian American Coalition will be hosting a twice a week advertorial on key news affecting the Filipino American community and the Asian American community in general. The advertorial entitled, “Asian News in America” will air on The Filipino Channel’s news show Balitang America every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

The topics will include issues such as:
· the debt ceiling and the bamboo ceiling preventing Asian Americans from advancing in corporate America;
· how to fight foreclosure and keep your home;
· how to increase your credit score and become a future homeowner at low rates;
· how small businesses can get technical assistance and contracts from giant corporations;
· how to protect Asian Americans and new immigrants from consumer frauds, such as foreclosure, immigration and high phone bills;
· how to get corporate America and government regulators to help you with your problems; and
· how to get access to your elected officials from the Governor to your local Congress and State legislature.

Interviewed on the advertorials will be CEOs from major corporations, key congressional leaders, key state legislators and the leadership from the Federal Reserve, the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as well as state regulatory leaders, such as the California Public Utilities Commission.

Every fourth episode will include questions from the national Filipino American community on pertinent issues, such as “how to stop China from capturing the Philippines’ greatest resource besides its people, giant oil reserves in the so-called South China Seas.”

The host of the advertorial is Faith Bautista, the President and CEO of the National Asian American Coalition (NAAC), headquarted in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Bruno) with a regulatory office in Washington, DC.

Faith Bautista, the President and CEO of the NAAC said: “For too long the Filipino American community has been ignored by our politicians and our corporations. Our empowerment advertorial is intended to ensure that four million Filipino Americans are sufficiently informed to compel our national and state leaders to quickly and effectively address our concerns. In the near future it is expected that similar shows will be developed with NAAC’s assistance for other major Asian American ethnic groups.”


PRESS RELEASE August 9, 2011

Faith Bautista (619) 252-1898

Rhea Aguinaldo (650) 952-0522

Press Release – Asian News in America 8-9-11

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