Asian Americans Can Own a Home Again Under Project ReNew

San Bruno, CA – The National Asian American Coalition (NAAC) is launching Project Renew to help hundreds of thousands of Asian Americans, who have lost their homes, once again become homeowners.  Even after foreclosure.

Project ReNew will provide Asian Americans with a broad range of services, including enhancing your credit score and counseling on how to purchase a home at the lowest rates.  Project ReNew will provide tools to improve credit status, enhance savings, reduce debt and be a responsible mortgagee.  NAAC counselors will provide homeowners with financial tools that will help them develop financial habits that will become second nature by monitoring homeowner budgets, ensuring the mortgage is paid on time, enhancing savings, and reducing debt.

Faith Bautista, President and CEO of NAAC, said, “More than 250,000 Californians have lost their homes. We need to restore homeownership to our communities by changing the methods by which we purchase a home.  That National Asian American Coalition wants to be your partner, encourage you and enable you to reach your goals.  With Project ReNew, we can enhance every aspect of your financial life. ”

Graduates of Project ReNew will receive exclusive and affordable mortgage products from NAAC’s bank partners such as Chase, East West Bank, Union Bank, and US Bank.   These programs are designed for financially secure home purchasers needing a second chance or not meeting traditional income requirements.

“Our goal is to help stabilize and revitalize the Asian American community and all of California,” says Bautista.

NAAC is the nation’s leading Asian American nonprofit advocating against foreclosures. It is also a national leader in advocating for greater economic and small business development and in recognizing the growing economic and political power of our nation’s 18 million Asian Americans.

The NAAC has a twice a week prime time TV show called Asian New in America that reaches 1.3 million Asian Americans weekly.  For more information on NAAC and Project ReNew, please visit their website:

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