Home Foreclosure Crisis Showdown in D.C. Led by San Diego’s Mabuhay Alliance

On Tuesday, November 17th, Mabuhay Alliance and 25 major HUD-approved nonprofit home foreclosure organizations will be meeting with four major banks, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Ocwen to present their Magna Carta or Bills of Rights for homeowners facing foreclosure. The press release they will be issuing tomorrow is attached with the six Magna Carta principles. This includes a one-year Foreclosure Moratorium for all unemployed homeowners.

The next day, November 18th, Mabuhay and HomeFree-USA will be joined by 100 homeowners for a protest demonstration and press conference outside the Secretary of the Treasury’s office. They will be criticizing his preference for Goldman Sachs over Main Street homeowners. They will then march to the White House and seek to meet with President Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor, Larry Summers.

Mabuhay Alliance also has meetings on November 16th with the leadership from the Federal Reserve, FDIC, Freddie Mac and HUD on the home foreclosure crisis and its Magna Carta for homeowners.

The Executive Director of Mabuhay Alliance Faith Bautista and Deputy Director Mia Martinez will be available for interviews at their Mabuhay home counseling office at 2:00 pm tomorrow Friday, November 13th. A number of staff members doing home counseling for San Diego residence facing foreclosure will also be available.


Mia Martinez, Deputy Director
Rhea Aguinaldo, Media Outreach

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