Last San Diego Foreclosure Prevention Clinic Before Foreclosure Moratorium Ends

Saturday, January 9th
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Mabuhay Alliance Office
9580 Black Mountain Rd., Suite A-B
San Diego, CA 92126

At the request of the Obama administration, a brief foreclosure moratorium was voluntarily instituted by many financial institutions to cover the Christmas holiday season. It ends January 13th, 2010.

Mabuhay Alliance will be holding a foreclosure prevention clinic this Saturday, January 9th in order to beat the foreclosure moratorium deadline. Mabuhay Alliance will also be instituting an innovative health care clinic to address the emotional and physical toll caused to families facing foreclosure.

In 2009, Mabuhay Alliance, in clinics throughout California, has helped 5,000 homeowners facing foreclosure or in default in California and Nevada. Professional assistance will be available

Faith Bautista, CEO of Mabuhay Alliance said, “We disagree with Secretary of the Treasury Geithner in ending the foreclosure moratorium on January 13th. We have urged in our meetings with Treasury, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Chairman of the FDIC that there should be a One Year Foreclosure Moratorium for all families who have lost their jobs or were victims of predatory lending practices.”

“We will continue our efforts to seek a new Foreclosure Moratorium and/or an extension of the present holiday moratorium. But, it is very important that families in Southern California take advantage of this last home counseling clinic before the holiday foreclosure moratorium ends on January 13th.” (See letter to Secretary Geithner attached.)



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