NAAC Conference a Huge Success in Empowering Asian Americans

National Asian American Coalition Conference
a Huge Success in Empowering Asian Americans

Among the 650 primarily Asian American business and community leaders who attended National Asian American Coalition’s Eighth Annual Asian American Empowerment and Economic Development Conference in South San Francisco on October 17th, there were many rave reviews.

Many commented on the extraordinary ability of the National Asian American Coalition (NAAC) to draw the most sought-after speaker in America, former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair, to be their keynote speaker and also to co-host a private meeting with twenty influential banks. Others joined luncheon speaker Mike Eng, the Chair of the California Assembly Committee for Banking and Finance, in stating that the NAAC may be the first national Asian American organization that represents not only its own Asian American ethnic group but all Asian Americans. Based upon Mike Eng’s leadership role with the California Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, the NAAC will be joining him in working to empower the six million Asian Americans in California.

Immediately after the conference, the NAAC informed the major telecommunications and utility companies (such as Southern California Edison and AT&T) that they were now required to provide employment, small business contract and philanthropy data separately for each Asian American group. It is expected that this will be of a special benefit to the Filipino American, Vietnamese American and other Asian American groups that have long been overlooked by both government and corporate America.

Also immediately after the conference, the NAAC, in honor of Mike Eng’s successful legislation on discrimination against Asian Americans, has determined to have its primary foreclosure conference in Los Angeles on December 17th. This is the date that Mike Eng’s legislation sets as a “Day of Inclusion” to recognize past discrimination and future hope. Two other foreclosure conferences with major bank and federal regulatory support are being set for December 3rd in San Francisco and December 10th in San Diego.

The homeownership panel and the small business panel at the conference were extremely well-attended (300 attendees at each panel) and had panelists from the major banks and all the major federal regulators. The small business panel included leadership from corporate sponsors, such as Pacific Gas & Electric, Verizon and Comerica Bank. Corporate sponsors for the conference included all of the major utility companies, telecommunications companies and all of the major banks doing business in California. The title sponsors were AT&T, Verizon, Wells Fargo and Comerica Bank.

Faith Bautista, President and CEO of the NAAC said, “Based on the comments we have received from the community, panelists, speakers and sponsors, our Eighth Annual Asian American Empowerment and Economic Development Conference was our most successful. The primary ingredient for our success has been the very strong support from our nation’s four million Filipino Americans and the growing support of diverse Asian Americans.

Based on the strong community support we have received, we are tentatively scheduling our next annual conference for Friday, October 19th, 2011 and expect to have a wide-range of political and corporate leaders participating as it will be only two weeks before the 2012 Presidential Election.”


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October 21, 2011

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