Asian American Empowerment

The largest number of Asian Americans in the nation reside in California. (Six million of our 18 million are in California.)
But very few Asian Americans are elected to our state legislature. In our more than 150 year history there has never been a Filipino American, Korean American, or Asian Indian American (three of the four most populous Asian American ethnic groups) elected. Similarly very few of California headquartered corporations have Asian Americans on their boards. (In part, due to the efforts by the NAAC and other Asian groups, all of California’s largest public utilities have a least one Asian American on their board.)
Our future efforts in Sacramento are likely, given the size and importance of our community, to influence the empowerment of Asian Americans not only in California but throughout the U.S.
Because California is not a swing state, our presidential candidates generally ignore our Asian American community except for raising funds. But, we will be working with both the Romney and Obama campaigns to attempt to raise the profile of California Asian Americans in the upcoming presidential election. See Advocacy Report Summer 2012 “NAAC Report from Washington DC.”
As part of our empowerment effort, the NAAC is holding its Ninth Annual Asian American Economic Development and Empowerment Conference on October 15th at the South San Francisco Conference Center. Over a thousand Asian American leaders attended last year. The keynote speakers included the former chair of the FDIC, Sheila Bair, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, and Assembly Banking Chair Mike Eng. Similar high level speakers have been invited for this year. The primary focus will be job creation, small business development, foreclosure relief, future homeownership, and consumer issues.
The NAAC will also be holding a number of events prior to our annual event to assist homeowners facing foreclosure or seeking loan modifications. Recent past homeowner events included events with Freddie Mac and with E*TRADE. (Please see for upcoming events in July, August, and September in California and Nevada; this includes a potential California/Nevada presidential conference in Las Vegas on job creation and small business development.)

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