Crisis in Sacramento: Report on Housing, Jobs, Taxes, High Speed Rail and Pensions

The NAAC team, led by California Deputy Director Rhea Aguinaldo, has been in Sacramento on three
recent occasions to meet with legislators and hold press conferences on a broad range of issues
affecting the Asian American community. This includes the California Homeowner Bill of Rights, the
Governor’s tax initiative, the failure of multibillion dollar pension reforms and whether the questionable
high speed rail project is putting at risk the public school system. These four issues have been described
by the media as the primary issues that must be resolved if California is to once again become a Golden
State. The first is two million Californians facing foreclosure and the Attorney General Kamala Harris’
California Bill of Rights. The third is the impact of spending billions of dollars on the high speed rail on K-
12 education and vital services to the disabled, elderly and the poor.

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