Obama Job Summit in Chicago December 5th: One Trillion Dollars to Create Ten Million Jobs

In response to President Obama’s December 3rd Jobs Summit and Valerie Jarrett’s request for community groups to hold job summits in their communities, the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago and Mabuhay Alliance conducted a job summit on December 5th at the Wyndham O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois.

Over 260 community leaders, primarily from the greater Chicago residents attended this summit and its workshops on job creation.

By an overwhelming percentage, the participants (small business and professionals) supported expending up to one trillion dollars to create ten million new jobs (72% in favor). Attached is the survey provided to the 260 people at the Chicago small business job summit.

By an even larger margin, these leaders supported the expenditure of $100 billion in unused TARP funds to expand credit opportunities to small businesses in order to create more jobs (92% in favor of this).

Regarding the pressing issue of unemployment and foreclosures, the group overwhelmingly supported permitting the unemployed facing foreclosure to stay in their homes and pay rent rather than face foreclosure (98% in favor of this).

Further, 97% urged President Obama to hold a Main Street job summit in Chicago.

Almost two-thirds of the participants (64%) said they voted for Obama.

Cornelio R. Natividad, President of the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago said, “We are proud that we in Chicago are the first in the nation to respond to Valerie Jarrett’s request for local job summits. We look forward to working closely with Valerie Jarrett and the President on creating up to 10 million new jobs, including those through small business development.”

Faith Bautista, Executive Director of Mabuhay Alliance, a national organization representing 15 million Asian Americans said, “When Chicago speaks, the President should listen. Americans, including 25 million small business owners, want jobs and credit. If 40% create even one new job each, we’d reach the goal of 10 million new jobs.”


Faith Bautista, President/CEO




Rhea Aguinaldo


Meaghan Guerrero




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