PRESS RELEASE: Eighteen Million Asian Americans Strongly Support Efforts To Promote College Education


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February 27, 2012


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Eighteen Million Asian Americans Strongly Support Efforts
To Promote College Education

San Bruno, Calif., — The National Asian American Coalition is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization headquartered in California with a congressional liaison office in Washington, DC. It focuses primarily on small business, homeownership and educational opportunities for Asian Americans and other minorities.


The National Asian American Coalition (NAAC) takes no position relating to the presidential candidates’ specific views on the importance of or the need for a college education. But, we do wish to note the overwhelming preference of our nation’s 18 million Asian Americans that a college education is a valued asset and increasingly necessary for success in America.


This desire for a college education is demonstrated by the latest Census report showing that more than half of Asian Americans over the age of 25 (50.3%) hold a bachelor’s degree and more than one in five (19.5%) hold at least one graduate degree. (In contrast, the national average is 30.4% with a college degree and 10.9% with a graduate degree.)


Faith Bautista, the President and CEO of the National Asian American Coalition stated, “Our organization is available to the President and all presidential candidates to further discuss the Asian American perspective on higher education. It is one we believe is strongly shared by the vast majority of Americans. Specifically, not only is knowledge a value in itself, but knowledge leads to the success in our entrepreneurial society.”


“We strongly agree with the vision of Apple and Google that America needs far more Americans trained in math, technology, engineering and science [S.T.E.M.]. “


The National Asian American Coalition is a HUD-approved home counseling organization with a focus on homeownership, small business development, Asian American diversity and consumer protection.



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