Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest typhoon on record in Philippines has devastated the central island provinces. Antique, among the provinces in the direct path of the typhoon will be the beneficiary of a fundraising campaign by the NAAC and Pandan Bay Foundation.

Over 12,000 families lost their homes in Antique. These families need food and building materials. The province of Antique is still experiencing power outages after Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated parts of the Visayas last week. Officials state the entire province is still without power as of Monday. Of the over 50,000 people that were affected, the majority of them are state government evacuation centers. The Antique provincial government estimate the damage to government facilities and over P50 million. (Source: GMA News – http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/334921/news/regions/antique-province-still-without-power-over-50k-people-affected)

See below photos taken by local residents of Pandan, Antique:




We are reaching out to our network to provide aid in this time of need. All proceeds will benefit the province of Antique, Philiippines.