The NAAC after studying the failed $9 billion effort at relief in Haiti and the many failed relief efforts in the Philippines has determined to follow a model based in part on successful Bill Gates Foundation and certain UN efforts.
Our fundraising will be limited to one pilot project where we have experts on the ground. And instead of temporary relief it will be part of a measurable long term self-help project run exclusively by the local community. We have determined to raise money solely for one town hard hit by the typhoon in Antique by the name of Pandan, not far in distance but very far in lifestyle from Boracay. The NAAC’s senior staff has visited Pandan and its main local schools and library in January of 2013.  NAAC has three experts on the ground now in Pandan that have reviewed the havoc wrecked on the library and the two public elementary schools (Student population of 2,150) All funds will be raised directly for the schools one of which must be entirely rebuilt and for the library that is part of the school. To the best of our knowledge there are no functioning school libraries  like this anywhere on the island.

We estimate the cost to be $250,000 to serve a town of 32,000 and a continuing student body of 2,150 In addition the library will be open not just for the school, but for any resident for the entire Province of Antique (with an estimated population of 546,000)We intend to completely rebuild the schools so that they will be impregnable to typhoons and most other natural disasters. We also intend to rebuild it as a modern school with appropriate sewage system, safe water, upgraded lighting and 21st century technology. They will also be built to be a safe center in the case of future emergencies. The library will be run by a retired financial expert librarian who is presently living in Pandan and will be stocked through contacts with various non-profits and libraries who will help us develop a library plan that will assist the low income children of this school in moving on to colleges and good jobs subsequently. This will include financial and consumer education as part of the library school complex.