The National Asian American Coalition (“NAAC”) is the nation’s leading Asian American nonprofit advocating for homeownership affordability, for greater economic growth focusing on the underserved communities, for small business development and for advancing the growing economic and social power of Asian Americans nationwide.

NAAC is the founding member of its sister coalition, the National Diversity Coalition, a nationally known nonprofit of diverse community organizers, faith based leaders and business owners. NAAC’s success is a combination of over 15 years strengthening communities who are strong supporters of our initiatives thereby earning the respect from more than three dozen Fortune 500 corporations, and from high ranking directors and commissioners of federal and state governmental agencies.

Our Washington D.C. regulatory and congressional presence allows us to be a major economic and bipartisan educational force before Congress and regulators from the US Treasury, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve, the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Justice, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our offices are in Los Angeles and San Diego and our headquarters is in the most innovative 21st Century environment in America, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Working closely with prominent Black, Latino, Faith-based and other Asian American organizations, including our TV program “Owning a Piece of America” broadcast over Spectrum News 1, it is our intention to be a resource for all corporate and governmental leaders that wish to ensure that they have a diverse footprint and a grassroots outreach that extends into the millions. National Asian American Coalition is a 501(c)3 Non-profi­t Organization, a HUD Approved Home Counseling agency and an IRS approved VITA site.

To be the preferred conduit of low and moderate income families. This includes increased sustainable and responsible homeownership for low to moderate income families and technical assistance, marketing and outreach for small business development, minorities and veterans, as well as advocating for low to moderate income communities on a broad range of consumer issues before governmental bodies.