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Home Value Investment

Noah Home Value Investment and Equity Sharing

Are you a homeowner who would like to tap into the equity in your home?  If your cash flow is feeling tight but you don’t want to add more monthly expenses, or perhaps your mortgage forbearance is ending soon and you’d like to stay in your home, we have good news! You don’t have to take on more debt just to access the equity in your home.  We’ve launched a new partnership with Noah, an innovative financing company who offers a new option called a Home Value Investment.

NAAC is committed to helping our members improve their financial health and achieve their dreams.






What’s a Home Value Investment?

A Home Value Investment lets you tap into your home value and increase your cash flow without the burden of debt or monthly payments

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Noah provides funds by investing in your home in exchange for a share of your home’s appreciation. 

Pay off debt, invest in a home renovation, fund your business, build an ADU, or rebuild your cash cushion.

Instead of collecting monthly payments, Noah shares in the upside or downside of your home’s value.  Yes, you heard us correctly:  you don’t need to pay Noah a cent until you choose to exit the investment. 

You are in control — pay Noah back when you choose — anytime up to the 10-year term.  

At the end of 10 years or when. the agreement ends, you can choose to sell your home, refinance it or buy Noah out with savings. That share is based on your home value, whether it has gone up or gone down.

What you can do with a Noah investment

Renovate your home

Invest in the comfort of your home while staying in the neighborhood you love.

Secure your savings

When life throws a curveball, have the financial flexibility to take it in stride.

Tackle your debt

Relieve financial strain by paying off student loan, credit card, and medical debt.

Build your savings

Give yourself the security you need to invest in your business.

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