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“Owning A Piece of America” (the “Show”)

As aired on Spectrum News 1:  30-minute “talk show” TV program

INFORM… INSPIRE… ENGAGE… highlighting the colorful immigrant population of the Los Angeles region. Produced by the NDC and the NAAC and licensed by Spectrum.

You Are Here” is a branded segment exclusive to “Owning A Piece of America”. The viewers are taken to international festivals and cultural experiences that enrich and celebrate the diversity of the LA population. It elevates appreciation for ethnic traditions and celebrates the multiculturalism of Los Angeles.

Faith Bautista, as the anchor host. Interviews guests featuring and highlighting public policy issues, raise consumer awareness, spotlights corporate social responsibility and other important news that the LA community — and beyond — would benefit from and aims to provide knowledge for new immigrants and affected communities for better understanding of private and public sector services and programs to avail of or to pursue.

Lorena Takushi, Resident Field Correspondent. Interviews and features Southern California immigrants that embody the journey and the reality of The American Dream.


Spectrum News 1


Creator and Producer


Spectrum and NDC/NAAC Production Team

Executive Producer: Bernie Han (Spectrum) and Faith Bautista (OAPOA)

Producer:  Jeffrey Shore (Spectrum) and DebbieLee Ruiz (OAPOA)

Associate Producer: Lorena Takushi (OAPOA) 

Writers: Bernie Han (Spectrum) and Debbie Lee Ruiz & Dennis Heruela (OAPOA)

Production Manager:  DebbieLee Ruiz (OAPOA)

Cinematographers: OAPOA, Bryant Swanstrom, Kenny Yates, RomeDigs

Editors: Jorge Lopez (Spectrum) and Misha George (OAPOA)

Hair & Make-Up: Lorena Takushi, Felicity Villegas

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