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NAAC is a US Department of Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) mission-driven to provide access to basic financial services, affordable credit, and investment capital to low-income borrowers who have historically been left out of traditional banking services.
I contacted NAAC for my business, as they were offering California Resource Fund loans to businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic. My loan advisor was Normita Cachapero, whom I highly recommend if you can get her. She helped me organize the substantial amount of information required for the loan, and most importantly, took the time to both appreciate the intricacies of our business and understand the sizable amount of documents we supplied. She was amazing. We received our loan, which is not easy to get these days in a Covid business environment. Normita and NAAC were very supportive throughout the process. In one of my many conversations with Normita, she shared how proud she was to have helped so many homeowners through the years, and she told me how pleased she was to have been able to help my family and our small business. While I was not specifically seeking mortgage assistance, I pointed out that helping someone fund their family business also impacts the security of their home. I couldn't have worked with a better organization, or with better people. I would give them 10 stars if I could.
Stan R.
East Bay, CA
NAAC had been our home saviour back in 2011. We could have lost our home from foreclosure. But because of their help, especially by Ms. Paola Bustos, who has been very diligent in facilitating our application of Home Modification; we were able to retain ownership of our home. Thank you is an understatement of how grateful we are! Their service is an outstanding benefit to the community. Considering that their excellent service is obtained totally FREE! Before we met NAAC, we were scammed repeatedly by the so called Modification Lawyers then. But NAAC provided us with excellent free, efficient, well detailed, honest,responsive, and prompt servive. They educated us too and introduced to many other community resources outthere. NAAC has successfully helped some of my friends too. NAAC and the people who work there define the ultimate meaning of Community Resouce Service!
Leila A.
Daly City, CA
My business was able to secure a CA Rebuilding Loan through NAAC, when our bank and the SBA turned their backs on us. We lost 70% of income during the pandemic but our business is in too "wealthy" a zip code for the SBA and our Bank of America is more interested in accepting applications from large businesses for that commission. When inquiring about the loan, we were matched with only 2 organizations and the other one turned us down.

NAAC stepped up, assisted us in getting all our paperwork taken care of and never treated us as less than a valuable client. They have been the one bright spot in a really bleak financial landscape for many small businesses, especially in San Francisco. It's because of their assistance that we are able to stay in business, 19 people will remain employed and over 300 students will continue to find a creative outlet during a difficult time in their lives. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Brooke B
Business Owner
I want to give my dear friend Richard Pallay Jr., Interim CEO of NAAC for his assistance with getting my client funded in a timely manner. She had been strung along with other institutions, NAAC and Richard moved swiftly to get her processed and funds in the bank so that she could continue supporting the growth of her business. Thank you RP. Richard Pallay Jr #Kudos It's incredible how often you exceed expectations #GoingAboveAndBeyond
Connie Sparks
Business Coach
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